Democrats and Republicans Differ on Foreign Policy and Immigration

bullet imagebullet imageWith the recent terrorist activity in Paris, many individuals are looking to the presidential campaigns to see where each candidate stands and to learn more about republican nominations and Democrats: Debates, Differences and Policies. They wish to know where each person stands when it comes to bringing refugees in from Syria and what their stance is on foreign policy overall. As the world is changing, people need to be concerned about topics such as this. There are some major differences between the two parties when it comes to foreign policy and immigration, although each candidate does have their own take on it. What are these major differences?

With regards to military action, for example, Democrats tend to prefer a more limited use of manpower, choosing targeted strikes over boots on the ground. They feel this is the better way to take out those who may do harm to the country. Republicans, in contrast, take a broader view, typically opting for more military action to remove those regimes that are harming their own citizens and threatening others around the globe. Both, however, usually don't hesitate to help other countries in need, depending on the circumstances surrounding this need.

Immigration is a hot topic right now, and this is related to the debate on foreign policy. Republicans feel refugees from Syria should not be brought into this country, as there is no way of knowing if terrorists are infiltrating the refugee camps in an effort to come to America to do harm. There's also no way to conduct background checks on every refugee or ensure any checks that are done are accurate. Democrats, in contrast, feel these refugees must be given a safe haven, as they are being mistreated by their country. America should be a place where they can come and be free of persecution.

As terrorist threats continue, with Germany being the latest target, both foreign policy and immigration are sure to be hot topics. Individuals need to pay attention to the republican primary debate schedule and the democratic primary debate schedule and watch all events to see where the various candidates stand. Foreign policy and immigration are sure to play major roles in the upcoming presidential election, thus voters need to know what each candidate believes and what they plan to do in these areas if they gain the highest office in the land. Whoever wins the presidency will have great power in these two areas, and this needs to be remembered when each person goes to cast their vote.